Restoring balance and harmony in your life!

Shamanic Healing by Restoring Balance and Harmony in your Life!

Do you want to connect with your higher self? Maybe, you feel disconnected, or nothing is making any sense in your life. Do you want to truly listen to your soul, your intuition and connect with your true self! Do you want clarity in your life or relationship? Learn how to connect with your soul, with mother earth ‘’Gaia’’, with your true self through a journey of self-discovery … Shamanism is an ancient and spiritual practise of performing healing techniques and ceremonies to deal with the spiritual aspects of illness in order to restore balance and harmony in one’s life. Let the journey — and most importantly, the healing — begin!

Shamanic Practices

Shamanic practice is an ancient wisdom, spiritual practice, healing methods and ceremonies that have been used for our evolution, growth and wellness for thousands of years.

Shamanism is an ancient and spiritual practice of performing healing techniques and ceremonies to deal with the spiritual aspects of illness in order to restore balance and harmony in one’s life.
Shamanism honors the energy, spirit, reality, and soul of everything. There exists mind, consciousness, and spirit in all things of this universe. When shamanic work is performed, it must be performed to honor all that is being involved, without judgement, criticism or disrespect to bring a greater level of peace and health to a person, thing or society.
It is important to understand that with every illness, dis-ease and ailment out there, there is also a spiritual meaning of illness. The human body is composed of the body, mind, spirit and soul. There is a need to have balance in all 4 components of the human being.
In other words, illness is created within our body when we are resisting changes or issues within our lives. Each block that we encounter in life risks to manifest into an actual illness when we refuse to see past it, when we remain stuck within it. All Disease (Dis-ease) is an imbalance in the body, mind, or spirit.

**Discovery **Healing **Journey **Ceremony ** Connection with nature and your inner power

When you find yourself asking these questions: ‘’What truly makes me happy? Why am I alive? What is my life purpose? I want to make a different but I do not know how… There is a reason for your existence. Take a time out and take time to figure out what you are doing here on earth.

At New Era, we create a specific path to honor your unique journey, just for you and guide you along your inner discovery.

We will share real life stories about triumph of the human spirit. All with the goal of inspiring you to truly listen to your own inner voice that guides you daily.
Diane will share tips for living an inspired life on the journey to find your life purpose, true love, strength, determination, passion and create the life you always wanted and much more!

Giving gratitude for your higher self and building a trusting, and solid foundation with your higher self is key to moving beyond your ego mind. We sometime feel separated from our higher self – sensing a void. Want to feel your higher self in your heart, want to feel love, joy, gratitude or pouring love in your heart chakra. Our services will help you connect with your higher self and allow yourself to connect with your passion, your desire and manifest the life you want for yourself

Shamanism Practitioner Services


Through a personal evaluation, which will respect your personal boundaries, we wish to guide and assist you in your soul searching journey that will allow you to reconnect with yourself, your heart, your soul, your energy vortex (chakras), nature and the spirit world and achieve an optimal level of understanding of your soul’s journey.

Meditation and Grounding with mother earth Gaïa – Circle of Healing

We will take time to go deep within and surrender any fears; our deepest desire or needs to mother earth– Ask, Listen and Take Action… We will learn how to simply ground ourselves and an easy meditation technique with mother earth. Through a circle of healing, we will offer our deepest wishes to mother earth Gaïa who will guide us through our spiritual journey – Ask, Listen and Take Action…

Shamanic Journeying, Power and Healing – a basic introduction course in Shamanism

During the introduction workshop, participants are introduced to basic shamanism, the nature connection, clearing their energy or house, working area, healing and common methods of the shaman to enter non ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. A full day will focus on the shamanic journey as one of the most visionary methods used by humankind to explore the hidden treasures of the universe within. Participants may choose to work with a drum, or other tools and techniques to explore the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual forces and abilities including meditation and connections with nature. Very powerful!

“Thanks Diane for taking me under your wing of an Angel for a few weeks. I am very thrilled and fortunate to have met you this year. You’re a person with a huge heart as the universe! Each of my encounters with you was a gift of life! Thanks for sharing your gift of life with me and hope to meet again. With gratitude! ”

– K.M. NB

“I feel such peace within my heart. You are truly a gift on my path. Thank you Diane for being authentic, sharing your wisdom and big heart with us. You made me realize that I can make a difference. By showing my true self and accepting myself, I can feel peace, harmony and be free to be me.”

– MC C – NB

“I feel so lighter, so much love and joy in my heart for being alive. I am grateful that you were put on my path. I lost so many years in sadness, now I am ready to grow and live again. I got my life back, I will be forever grateful for you, my special friend.”

– KB P – USA