Business, Coaching & Training

Do you want to motivate, empower, inspire and increase the success and effectiveness of your own life or of your employees? 

Diane offers a variety of workshops, learning events, retreats, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, or speaking engagements, on the following topics for corporate events, lunch and learns keynotes and private events(custom topics available) and just to name a few…

  • Young supervisor eager to learn new ways of communication, empower your team, engage and develop your team
  • Creating real relationships and connections with people (for success in personal and business!)
  • Effective message delivery and building rapport – success is at your door
  • Power of communication and dealing effectively with improper behaviour – develop a courage to lead with heart, integrity and respect
  • Leadership – How to inspire your employees and colleagues
  • How to overcome fears and failure mindset in a new position
  • Work Life Balance – learn to be effective and efficient in time management and find the courage to lead with your heart
  • Creating performance and accountability – Connecting people to their power, passion and purpose but mostly getting them to thrive each day to be the best
  • Reducing anxiety, burnout, overwhelm and depression in employees and executives – learn to manage but understand the signs for maximum results
  • Be in power for success – how to be confident and standing out
  • Learn to improve all aspects of your life by awakening self-confidence and self-worth while taking control of your life and empowering yourself
  • Learn to create an overall sense of inner peace, wholeness and be in control of your emotions

Business, Coaching and Training:

With over 30 years as a manager and Senior Executive with the Government of Canada, I have developed extensive knowledge, experience and abilities in the areas of financial and human resources management, training, strategic realignment and business process analysis. I have also been responsible and leader for numerous major governance and culture change within the organization. It would be my pleasure to meet you and discuss what I am able to do for your organization to be better prepared for the future. 

We consult our clients to understand their dynamic needs in order to achieve success in all areas of their lives or in their business challenges. We also offer a variety of workshops, training, coaching and mentoring tailored to your specific needs. New Era is located in New Brunswick.

Ready to Take Action?

Join our retreats, events, workshops, group coaching or you may prefer a one-on-one session or a group session tailored just for you or the specific needs of your company…Contact us to see how we can make it happen!  Learn how to empower yourself or your team with simple, quick and powerful tools at the same time as creating your own personal or business growth toolbox, creating new memories, making new friends and improving synergy with your team!

“Thanks Diane for taking me under your wing of an Angel for a few weeks. I am very thrilled and fortunate to have met you this year. You’re a person with a huge heart as the universe! Each of my encounters with you was a gift of life! Thanks for sharing your gift of life with me and hope to meet again. With gratitude!”

– K.M. NB

“I have known Diane for 10 years and have interacted with her extensively as my mentor/advisor. For example, she has shown me how to develop a career plan, how to prepare my resumes and situational experiences so that I am ready when a posting is available and interests me. She has supported me in learning new things to help me acquire the knowledge and experiences to grow. She always has her door open for me to answer questions or concerns and is always ready to be a soundboard when I need one. Diane does all of this while lending a caring ear and reminding me of my best qualities and assets. I would be lost without her guidance and I learn so much. I personally have benefited immensely from working with Diane and sincerely hope that her efforts as a mentor and adviser will be shared with others who are open to benefiting from her wealth of experience and knowledge….”

– MA P, NB

“Recently graduated from the University, I didn’t have a lot of work experience in my field of study and or the knowledge of the various opportunities of present careers on the labour market. Diane was my first springboard to a promising career. It allowed me to discover various work opportunities. She shared with me important and innovative resources to the preparation in the recruitment process and she also helped me develop a strategic career plan to reach my professional aspirations. It was an honor and a privilege to have Diane as mentor, coach and support. She is a person with great leadership, trustworthy, and committed, and who has a great passion for career development. Diane has a way of tapping into your inner potential and she has helped me to develop myself in order to pursue my career in the field of management. I’m currently on road to a challenging career…”

– DM A, NB

“Dear Diane, for my part, I was totally lost for a moment, lost my vision at the level of my career. You walked into my life at the right time. Your professionalism was an example to follow, but for me it was your sense of listening, your confidence in me, and how you gave me your attention and advice while ensuring that the responses came from me. That approach, totally motivated me to move on and believe in myself again. During her assistance, Diane showed me many times that she wanted my well-being and growth. Thanks to her and the support she gave me, I felt guided to believe in my abilities and regain my confidence and passion to make the best decisions for myself. I am very grateful that I have met you on my path and that I am back on track and well on my way!”

– SM, C NB

“When I started to work with Diane, she let me free to explore my work in a caring way in order to find my own objectives and vision. She demonstrated a confidence in me and for my part; I had misplaced my vision at the level of my career. She came into my life at the right time. Her professionalism was an example to follow, but for me it was her ability to listen, her confidence in me, and her way to give me advice while ensuring that the responses came from me was the key to motivate me. She wanted my well-being and my personal growth. Thanks to her and her support, I felt guided to believe in my abilities and regain my confidence and passion to make the best decisions for myself. I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done for me. Your assistance was beyond my expectations.”

– SC, Moncton, NB

“I had the pleasure to work with Diane for over 6 years. She achieved all results, demonstrated innovation when challenged with budget reductions, and managed a successful opening of a new work area for the Atlantic Region. She led the team through changes in governance. She was an asset to our executive team while providing updates and assisting them to make informed decisions. She provided high quality services. It is easy to see how dedicated, loyal, caring, trustworthy, hardworking, results oriented, passionate and highly motivated to achieve results when you work with her. It was a pleasure to work with Diane and I would not hesitate to hire her in the future.”

– TL, Atlantic Region

“Over the past years, I had the privilege and happiness to benefit services of coaching and mentoring with Diane. As a new Manager, she was able to share her knowledge and experience with me. In addition, her caring approach, availability and generosity, allowed me to become the Manager I am today: effective, efficient, confident and very well equipped to ensure the management of my office. Her Zen energy (calm and composed) and her very human caring manner allowed me to develop management skills that make my work interesting. It also allowed me to be a Manager with an open door concept, taking time to listen to my employees, discipline myself and assisted me to develop confidence to facilitate the treatment of sometimes difficult relationships on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to contact Diane; you get benefits from the first meeting”

– NNP, Ontario