Holistic Training &
Personal Growth Workshops

Evolve as you move into new ways
of thinking and being……

Core Transformation

Tap into your unconscious mind by using various tools
adapted for your specific needs.

Guided Imagery Training

Discover the path to your unconscious mind by following simple steps
yet very powerful ways to access your wealth of wisdom within!

You will learn to tap into your unconscious mind by using various
tools adapted to your specific needs. Learn true peace, harmony and
tranquility of the heart, mind and soul!

Services I offer to support you in your healing journey…

Group Training or One on One Personal Consultation

Journey to your own healing - Vibrant Health and Energy Training or One on One Training :

Learn to understand your body function, triggers and energy by using energy of your body and connecting to its physiology you are getting to the heart of your body unique energy thereby releasing pain, discomfort and illness.

Achieve your dreams step by step …

Certified & Licensed

I am a Heal Your Life® certified and licensed workshop
leader and coach. I am happy to help you with all the
steps to achieve your dreams!

Distance Healing, Meditation and Membership

Refer to our calendar below for our upcoming training, program, event and meditation sessions…

Meditation Training and Sessions

Learn to connect with the healing qualities of your body, mind and spirit. Develop your awareness and appreciation of the richness of the natural world. Learn to slow down and spend more time being instead of doing. Become more present and grounded in the  moment so you can fully embrace life’s experience.

Body Meridian Balancing

The body is about homeostasis, or in other words balance: balance of emotions, of systems, of energy, of hormones, etc. Learn how to align your body and how disharmony affects the body. Start each day with a balancing body. It’s a way of self-love and daily maintenance. Your life can be transformed by taking 15 – 20
minutes daily!

Acu-Meditation Practices

Learn practical exercises and meditations to retrain your attention and create new awareness, align your body and mind, and connect you to the natural world!

Reiki & Chakra Alignment Training

Learn how to take control of your LIFE and empower yourself in the most transformational way by using simple REIKI energy work. This energy is within you already, learn how to reconnect with it or simply connect at a deeper level.

Shamanic Journeying, Power and Healing – a basic introduction course in Shamanism

During the introduction workshop, participants are introduced to basic shamanism, the nature connection, clearing their energy or house, working area, healing and common methods of the shaman to enter non ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. A full day will focus on the shamanic journey as one of the most visionary methods used by humankind to explore the hidden treasures of the universe within. Participants may choose to work with a drum, or other tools and techniques to explore the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual forces and abilities including meditation and connections with nature. Very powerful!

Schedule of events

Name of course




In Person –

Group Setting 

Zoom Group

Email to obtain further info or register to :  newera@dbelanger.ca   

Evolution CAFÉ Anxiety Let's take charge of it - Free info session

Feb 2nd 2024

12:00 - 12:45 pm AST Friday

30 minutes + 15 minutes question period Atlantic Standard Time

Via Zoom - must register via email


X - seats limited


Evolution CAFÉ New Career or Transition to New Opportunities Free info session

Feb 9th 2024 

12:00 - 12:45 pm

AST Friday

30 minutes + 15 minutes question period Atlantic Standard Time

Via Zoom - must register via email


X - seats limited


Acu-Evolution Learn how to reduce anxiety,

fear & stress

Cost: $44Cdn + tax

Feb 24th 2024


(worktool included)

 1:30 - 3:30 AST

2 hours


X - seats limited

X - seats limited



3 mini series

Body Meridian  & Organ Reset Cost: $88 Cdn + tax

Mar 16 & 23, Apr 6th  2024 (@ Saturday) Tools included

3 Mini Series

1:00 - 2:30 @ day AST 1.5 hours


X - seats limited

X - seats limited


Evolution Core Transformation – Cost: $199 Cdn + tax

May 31 & June 1st 2024 (Friday/Saturday)

2 full days

2 days (9-4pm) AST (worktool included)


X - seats limited

X - seats limited


Evolution Intro to Guided Imagery - Cost: $144 Cdn + tax 

June 14, 2024 (Friday)

1 day (9-4pm) AST (worktool included)


X - seats limited

X - seats limited


GRACE Quantum Evolution Pkg

Cost: $608 Cdn + tax for a Total: $699

a 12-Week Program

Starts: Oct 3rd Ends: Dec 19th (@ Thursday) 2024

includes private FB support; coaching, 12-Week Program & various tools

12-Week Program

6:30 - 8:00 pm each Thursday

AST learn more  email Diane


X - seats limited

X - seats limited


Retreat Path of Love & Evolution

3-day event:

$333. Cdn + tax = $382.96

May 17-19, 2024 (Friday to Sunday)

Friday - Sunday

3 full days 8:30-4:30 pm AST

TBD - Dieppe - Moncton Area, NB Canada

X - seats limited



Holistic Training and Personal Growth Workshops

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