Path of Love & Evolution
Retreat Program

Learn to become the best version of yourself with our
3-Day retreat program:

Path of Love and Evolution Retreat Program
Our 3-Day Personal Growth Retreat

The Path of Love and Evolution 3-day retreat is one of the most intensive and life-changing processes in the world
today. Core Transformation, Guided Imagery and Transcultural Shamanic Journeying are at the core of this retreat. It has gained an extraordinary reputation amongst people who really want to live in the present moment, be their authentic self and come to know the truth about themselves.

‘’ Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside awaken.”

Carl Jung

The 3-Day Retreat that will change your LIFE!

Your brain is a catalyst for change. Learn to tap into your unconscious mind to discover what is holding you back to
create success or the life you truly desire! Wherever we look, whether in our inner or outer worlds, we see the effects
of separation, isolation and detachment.

We strive for real connection: to live at a deeper and more meaningful level and to connect more authentically with ourselves and others.

However, but burn out, depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, dissatisfaction, and loneliness are at epidemic levels. We feel more alienated and emotionally detached from other people than we ever have before.

Path of Love and Evolution Program is about closing this gap and creating a sacred space to tap within your wealth of wisdom.

A profound inner work, it combines a variety of naturotherapy and transcultural shamanic approaches to help us reclaim parts of ourselves that we have lost, and encompasses an uncompromising focus on truth and trust. It provides essential tools for establishing connections and loving relationships with ourselves, others and mother earth.

The Path of Love and Evolution 3-Day Retreat

 What’s in it for you!


  • A one-on-one call (pre-process) with a Path of Love and Evolution Facilitator
  • Three (3) days of immersion in Path of Love and Evolution workshop with qualified Naturotherapists and trainers, including both individual and group therapy.
  • Over fourty (40) hours of the Path of Love and Evolution Program, course materials and support.
  • Three (3) one hour sessions over a period of three (3) weeks, following the retreat
  • Two (2) Group Zoom follow-up sessions (duration of one (1) hour each) within the first month (led by Diane)
  • Three (3) weeks of follow-up sharing with group members on acu-meditation tools (one (1) hour weekly) within the first month
  • Four (4) weeks of e-mail participant aftercare program
  • Free Path of Love and Evolution Journal and Workbook
  • Private Facebook page for community support

Who is the retreat for?

This deep healing, personal growth and development retreat is for people who want to:

  • Embrace and navigate through change
  • Be in charge of their emotions (frustration, anger, emptiness, sadness, annoyance just to name a few)
  • Be in charge of daily challenges and own their reaction
  • Be emotionally honest with others
  • Build a better and greater life for themselves
  • Change their limiting beliefs
  • Look at life in a different way
  • Live a full and vibrant life fulfilled with joy, peace and harmony.

After completing the Path of Love and Evolution development and personal growth retreat, people will start to feel grateful, confident, strong, connected, joyful and more authentic.


  • Discover gentle yet powerful transformation methods which take you to the Core of your being
  • Access your emotional intelligence and be more present, self-aware and motivated
  • Create an inner shift so you feel more alive, have a greater sense of well-being, confidence, self-love and positive interpersonal relationships
  • Increase your capacity to be more present, feel your emotions, listen to your body and take charge of your thoughts
  • Reduce stress, negative emotions, anxiety, body discomfort/pain
  • Heal from grief and loss
  • Learn to embrace change and evolve by building confidence, resilience and courage

Welcome! Sometimes a personal growth retreat program is the next step for your healing journey.

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All other costs will be the sole responsibility of the participant. 

The 3-day retreat fee covers the registration fee, welcome package, forty hours of support and program agenda as stated above. 


I provide monthly topics, ideas, new drills and practices for you to feel better at the comfort of your own home! And yes, even your little furry animals can benefit from it… 

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