New Era learning & wellness center

At New Era, we offer a variety of services in holistic, wellness, business and training.

Holistic / Wellness / Training:

As a Holistic Health Practitioner since 2007, I continued to study and obtained formal certification as well as licensing and gained extensive experience in many areas of: Neuro Linguistic Programming; Hypnosis; Guided Imagery; NLP Coach; Reiki; EFT – Tapping; Healing and Reconnecting the soul via Shamanism; Reflexology; Heal Your Life (HYL) Coach and Workshop(HYL) – body mind and spirit connection with the philosophy of Louise L. Hay.

Business and Training:

With over 30 years as a manager and Senior Executive with the Government of Canada, I have developed extensive knowledge, experience and abilities in the areas of financial and human resources management, training, strategic realignment and business process analysis.  I have also been responsible and leader for numerous major governance and culture change within the organization.  It would be my pleasure to meet you and discuss what I am able to do for your organization to be better prepared for the future.

We consult our clients to understand their dynamic needs in order to achieve success in all areas of their lives or in their business challenges.  We also offer a variety of workshops, training, coaching and mentoring tailored to your specific needs.

New Era is located in New Brunswick.

Diane Bélanger, nd

Naturopathic Consultant
Holistic Health Practitioner
Business Coach and Consultant