Meet Diane

At New Era, we offer a variety of holistic health services, wellness, consultation, coaching, mentoring and training in bilingual services.

Meet Diane

At New Era, we offer a variety of holistic health services, wellness, consultation, coaching, mentoring and training in bilingual services.

At New Era, we offer a variety of holistic health services, wellness, consultation, coaching, mentoring and training in bilingual services.

Holistic Health Services, Wellness and Training:

As a Holistic Health Practitioner since 2007, I continued to study and obtained formal certification as well as licensing and gained extensive experience in many areas of: Neuro Linguistic Programming; Core Transformation; Hypnosis; Guided Imagery; NLP Coach; Reiki; EFT – Tapping; Healing and Reconnecting the soul via Shamanism; Reflexology; Heal Your Life (HYL) Coach and Workshop (HYL) – body mind and spirit connection with the philosophy of Louise L. Hay.

Holistic Consultation, Coaching, Mentoring and Training:

With over 30 years as a manager and Senior Executive with the Government of Canada, I have developed extensive knowledge, experience and abilities in the areas of financial and human resources management, training, strategic realignment and business process analysis. I have also been responsible and leader for numerous major governance and culture change within the organization. It would be my pleasure to meet you and discuss what I am able to do for your organization to be better prepared for the future.

We consult our clients to understand their dynamic needs in order to achieve success in all areas of their lives or in their business challenges. We also offer a variety of workshops, retreat, training, consultation, coaching and mentoring tailored to your specific needs. New Era is located in New Brunswick.

Holistic Consultation, Coaching & Mentoring to Guide You to Success!

Ready for personal growth?

1:1 Holistic coaching and mentoring where I take a goal-driven approach to guide you to be your authentic and confident person you want to become while discovering limitations and blockages.

Together let’s build a brighter and successful future just for you!

Through guided individual work sessions, I will guide you to develop your own solutions mainly through powerful questions, but mostly by focusing on you. I will guide you to tap into the power of your imagination to foster healing at all level of your being and enhancing your functioning or performance at all level of your life.

As a Holistic Life Coach and Mentor, I can help you to see your life as a whole and not just in individual parts. Through this type of coaching, we can help you to activate your power, access your true potential and help you to make transformational changes in your life so you start to create a life that you desire for yourself!

As a Holistic Life Coach and Mentor, I will:

  • Encourage you
  • Empower you
  • Motivate you
  • Help you find your true potential
  • Awaken you to the limitless possibilities in your life that you never knew existed Remove blocks or limitations that are stopping you from realizing your true power

Let’s get ready for your new journey and let us guide you to commit to make that change today.

How you might benefit from holistic coaching and mentoring:

  • Helps you to become clear about what you want
  • Helps you experience emotional healing from anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, trauma, lack of confidence, abuse, etc.
  • Helps you improve your relationship with yourself, others and set healthy boundaries
  • Helps you resolve conflicts in a constructive manner
  • Guide you to set any goal that you desire and support you to achieve them
  • Build a sense of increased level of engagement
  • Learn to let go and surrender to what is
  • Learn to identify your sabotage strategies that prevent you from taking action
  • Provide a safe place to gain a new perspective on your life
  • Assist you to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs
  • Help you build self-awareness and much more!



Naturopathic Consultant
Holistic Health Practitioner

Brainz Executive Contributor

Personal Growth Coach, Mentor and Consultant

Trainer and Workshop Leader

Certified and Licensed Master NLP Coach®

Certified and Licensed Life Coach®, Consultant and Personal Growth Workshops

Certified and Licensed Master NLP Practitioner®

Certified and Licensed Master Hypnotist®

Certified and Licensed Master TimeLine Therapy®

Certified Shaman Practitioner
Certified and Licensed Naturopathic Consultant

Diane Bélanger has served as a business coach, consultant and holistic healing facilitator since 2007, guiding people across the World to transform their own lives at their body mind soul levels with various techniques.  At the heart mind and soul Core Transformation Experience, it allows the person to fully recognize and instantly connect, understand, release the root causes of any physical, mental or emotional blocks and imbalances.

Diane overcome various traumatic events in her life and discovered a new way to look at life as a whole by connecting the body intelligence with the heart, mind and soul.  2007 was a point in time where she discovered fascinating ways to unleash the mind – body – soul – connection through various methodologies existing for many centuries.  Meticulously, she planned out an early retirement to pursue her true passion, guiding others and sharing her life experiences.  Diane embarked on a new journey.  She is the founder and owner of New Era Learning and Wellness Center Inc.

She now enjoys guiding people from around the world through their own journey to create the life they truly desire.  She enjoys guiding her clients as a whole body, mind, and spirit as well as professionally at the Core Transformation Level.

With a background in Core Transformation Experience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Energy Medicine, Coaching and over 30 years of business experience with the federal government and certifications in multiple holistic and alternative healing therapies, Diane’s favorite method for facilitating healing and transformation is with The Core Transformation and Shamanic experiences.

The Core Transformation and Shamanic Healing experience targets every aspect of the mind-body-spirit connection, working in harmony with one’s own intuitive, the desire and ability of the heart and soul to heal the self and create quantum leaps of transformation, awareness, and wholeness.  You will discover a gentle or various methods yet powerful transformation methods that will take you to the Core of your being.  Diane will guide you to your most unlikable qualities, uneasiness, behaviors or life experiences to the doorway to states of “oneness”, “peace”, “presence” and much more…

Her natural and genuine ability to connect with people at the heart and soul levels – guiding and empowering people from stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, search of identity, relationship challenges, communication issues, in need of new direction in life, (family or career), feeling disconnected just to name a few and strong belief have been paramount to her success.

Professional accreditation and recognition

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